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We help students to study abroad and explore the Nordic countries


Engage in short-term programs at top Nordic Universities, experience a student centred approach and learn about the success behind the Nordic societies.




Waterfall - Study Abroad Iceland - StudyNord


Study in Iceland

Stockholm - Study Abroad Sweden - StudyNord


Study in Sweden

Lake - Study Abroad Finland - StudyNord


Study in Finland

Copenhagen - Study Abroad Denmark - StudyNord


Study in Denmark

Clift - Study Abroad in Norway - StudyNord


Study in Norway


Studynord offers programs starting from short-term up to one academic year focusing on fields which Nordic countries are widely known for.




Modules available in:

  • Entrepreneurship and business
  • Environmental studies
  • Governance
  • Engineering
  • Biomedicine & Health
  • Education
  • Tourism & Hospitality


Enrolling to our programs allows you to combine one or more locations in:

  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Iceland
  • Denmark
Extra Activities


Explore the lifestyle and culture in the Nordics:

  • Artic circle & northen lights
  • True sauna experience
  • Relaxing in the nature
  • Culture, Arts & Design
  • Real flavours from Nordic kitchen
  • Nordic sports


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Why to apply with us:


  • Multidisciplinary programs in top quality institutions.
  • Easy all-inclusive solutions: study program, additional activities, accommodation, etc.
  • Full support from the moment students apply until they will receive their course diploma.
  • Culture, sport and sightseeing activities matching the student's interest.

Extend your networks over the Nordics


  • Collaborate with study abroad specialist focusing on Nordics based in Finland.
  • Safe and reliable environment for your students to expand their knowledge and learn from the best
  • Get access to our top-notch academic partners in Nordic countries.  


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