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Studying abroad isn't just about your university – it's also a wonderful chance to explore a new place! The Nordic countries offer some delightful attractions in addition to their education systems, so here are just a few of the adventures you can go on in each country.



Modern and cosmopolitan, Denmark has much to offer you as a visiting student. Young people love to congregate in the trendy Christiania district of Copenhagen, which has a long history of political resistance and independence. Or if you want to see a cultural icon, head over to the Kronborg Slot castle, which sits on the narrow stretch of water between Denmark and Sweden and is famously immortalised as the Elsinore Castle in Shakespeare's Hamlet. For something a bit different, visit the high rope course at Camp Adventure in Southern Zealand, an amazing outdoor playground for adults. And the enormous Man Meets The Sea sculpture near Esbjerg is a sight that will stay with you for years to come.



If you love to see marine nature in all its glory, then there are few better places in the world to go whale watching than in Iceland – you'll find Orca, Minke, Humpback, and Blue Whales in the region. For a challenging hike, the scenery over the entire country is stunning and rugged, or if you're really ambitious you could even try ice climbing. For a more sedate but just as memorable trip, visit the otherworldly black sands of Reynisfjara Beach, overlooked by the gigantic Dyrhólaey pillar of dark lava. Or explore some of the strangest and most surreal scenery in the world at the Skaftafell Park, with waterfalls, glacial rivers, and a spur of the Vatnajökull ice cap.

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It may be less well known that other countries in the Nordic region, but Finland boasts some gorgeous natural landscapes as well as a unique historical and cultural perspective. The capital, Helsinki, has a particularly fine selection of museums and art galleries like the National Museum of Finland, the Helsinki City Museum, and the Finnish Art Gallery. For those who love to explore the outdoors, you can visit the wild Lemmenjoki National Park where you can trek over hundreds of miles of trails or take a boat tour along the lush river. If you prefer the city experience, the picturesque town of Tampere lies between two lakes as has a rich cultural scene of theatre and music. And finally, take the once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Northern Lights from the charming location of Lapland.



Famous for its serene and beautiful fjords, Norway is the perfect place to kayak in locations like the Nærøyfjord, the Sognefjord, the Lysefjord the Geirangerfjord – though you can also take a boat tour if you prefer to admire the water under someone else's power! Or climb the dramatic Trollheimen mountains, where humans have lived since the stone age. If this gives you a taste for history, you can learn about the history of the Vikings at Lofotr Viking Museum, where you can see a traditional Viking longhouse and even live like a Viking for a day at one of the festivals that are hosted there. And even though you might not think of Norway as being a destination for food, foodies will delight in the locally produced cheeses and honeys and especially the three Michelin starred Maaemo restaurant.



For the most exotic of winter adventures, you can travel to Swedish Lapland in the Arctic circle and go dog sledding, to see the wilderness as Swedes have been travelling it for hundreds of years. Or for a slightly warmer experience, take advantage of Sweden's right of public access, which guarantees the right to roam freely around the countryside and to camp overnight even on private land, and go mushroom picking in the dense forests. To get a taste of modern Swedish culture, visit the Moderna Museet, which is one of Europe’s leading museums of modern and contemporary art and houses pieces by Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí. And for fans of Sweden's internationally renowned crime fiction literature, you can take themed walking tours around the areas of Stockholm, Ystad, and Fjällbacka - the settings for the Millennium Trilogy, the Inspector Wallander books, and The Ice Princess and The Stone Cutter.


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